About the museum

Toyama Prefecture is the home of Etchu Manyo poetry, as reflected in the 223 pieces written by Manyo poet Otomo no Yakamochi. It was also the birthplace of authors such as Yoshie Hotta, Keita Genji, and Genyoshi Kadokawa, and formed the background for many literary masterpieces, including Hotarugawa (Firefly River) by Teru Miyamoto, Nagai Michi (The Long Road) by Hyozo Kashiwabara, and Tsurugidake – Ten no Ki (Mt. Tsurugi – Tale of the Triangulation Point) by Jiro Nitta. Other artists Toyama Prefecture has turned out include filmmakers Yojiro Takita, Katsuhide Motoki,and Mamoru Hosoda, and manga artists Fujiko FujioⒶ and Fujiko F. Fujio.

The Koshi no Kuni Museum of Literature aims to spread the appeal of these Toyama based authors and their works far and wide, and enable everyone to easily become familiar with and learn from this "hometown literature," while providing a venue to encourage the creation of new literary works.

The Guiding Principles of the Koshi no Kuni Museum of Literature

To be a comprehensive center for hometown literature that introduces Toyama based authors and their works in an easy-to-understand manner.
To offer, in addition to literature, a wide range of learning opportunities through works such as picture books, movies, cartoons, and animation.
To provide a venue that encourages intensive study, presentation, and creativity.