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Koshi no Kuni Literature Museum

Koshi no Kuni Literature Museum

Exhibition currently being held

“Be happy! Yoshifumi Hasegawa’s picture book exhibition”


 Yoshifumi Hasegawa's picture books are characterized by dynamic brushstrokes that convey a strong sense of vitality and free, carefree compositions, and with humorous stories filled with unique and endearing characters, they invite readers into a world of rich laughter. Masu. Works that are based on memories with family and loved ones and one's own roots are heart-warming and warm, and depict works that sincerely reflect on trends in the world, such as wars and earthquakes. His works teach us the importance of everyday things that we take for granted. This exhibition was planned as a summer vacation gift for children so that they could enjoy the world of Yoshifumi Hasegawa's picture books in original drawings, which contain the message of wanting everyone to smile and find peace.    

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“90th Anniversary Hisashi Inoue Exhibition” (tentative name)


 Hisashi Inoue (1934-2010), who was widely active as a novelist and playwright, was so slow that he called himself a slow writer. However, his work is highly complete, and is full of the richness and fun of the Japanese language, including laughter, word play, parody, and plot twists, to the point where he is called a magician of words. ``Hyokkori Hyoutanjima'', which he worked on as a broadcast writer, became a nationally popular program, and in 1972 he won the 67th Naoki Prize for ``Hyukari Shinju'', and in 1981 he won the 2nd Japan SF Award for ``Kirikirijin'' (published in 33). , won the 1984rd Amusement Literature Award. In 90, he founded the Komatsuza Theater Company and went on to release some of the most talked-about works in theater history, such as ``Headache Stiff Shoulders Ichiyo Higuchi'' and ``If I Live with My Father.'' This exhibition, commemorating the XNUMXth anniversary of his birth, takes a closer look at the literary world of Hisashi Inoue.

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